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tv   News  ABC  March 31, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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here meteorologist justin berk. >> march is going out like a lion but some kids hit the lottery with snow and the kid at heart. we watched the snow and if you missed it, we will share it in a moment. we are looking at a wentry mix that did dump you have-- up to a half inch as close as reisterstown. the roads were warm and they are wet. and today some rain and drizzle back again overnight. the same places have the best chance as it end tomorrow morning to get a little more snow out of this next system. it's rain and drizzle across the area. that's an issue as we watch the daylight hours. but temperatures above freezing this morning. we will get to 46 with rain redeveloping later on. and mixing back to snow north and west overnight. let's see if that gets into baltimore in a moment. 6:30. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. it's not wet enough to ruin rush hour. but it's slick enough to encounter problems on the roadways especially on some of the on and off exit ramps. as we look live at beltway, 695
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at wilkins, traffic looking pretty good starting to build especially more so on the outer loop lanes heading towards 95. no major incidents along the 95 corridor. harrisburg expressway and jfx. and we have reports of a disabled vehicle southbound on bw parkway at route 175. no word if lanes are blocked. southgate eastbound route 100 the ramp to get on i-97 remains blocked because of a single vehicle accident. megan and charley, back to you. >> kim, thanks. you know white comes to education, you can say -- you know, when it comes towedcation -- comes to education, you can say nancy grasmick has done it all. this morning linda so is hear to tell -- here to tell us why all that is coming to an end. >> reporter: she is ready for break. after 20 years as the state's school superintendent, she is ready for retirement. her last day will be june 30th. grasmick says she is proud of everything the school system accomplished under her helm a
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national pblycation ranked -- publication ranked mayorlands schools number one in the nation three years in a row. she and governor o'malley didn't always get along but they resolved their differences to make schools better. her decision to retire is not politically motivated. >> noi no, i can -- no. i can hon he willly -- honestly say it was my decision and timing of it was my decision. it may not have been true 4 1á years ago but there's a lot of water over the -- 4 1/2 years ago but there's a lot of water over the dam in terms of the 4 1á years and it was -- 4 1/2 years and it's really my decision. >> reporter: no word who will replace her. linda so, abc2 news. it's 6:32. time to look at news around the nation. ten sailors aboard a navy aircraft carrier were injured when the engine exploded during a training exercise. this happened off the coast of southern california. a navy spokeswoman says an explosion and fire happened
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yesterday as the jet prepared for take off from the night deck of the uss john c stenit. four -- stenet. four sailors are in stable condition and the other six were treated for burn injuries on board the carrier. none of the injuries are life- threatening. police in brimingham, alabama are accused of unnecessary force base on this tape. on attorney -- can an attorney released it from the night his client was arrested showing the man getting out of a vehicle with both hands in the air. the police officers hit him from behind and knocked him to the ground. the police report says the suspect reese fused to stop -- refused to stop when officers tried to arrest him. he is accused of stealing items from a car. this plane in orlando is no match for mother nature. as you can see, strong winds flipped the plane over while it was parked at the airport. the cessna 150 suffered dang to one of the -- damage to one of the rings. the region was punished by nasty weather featuring heavy
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thunderstorms. at least one was spotted there -- a tornado was spotted in orlando. a rescue in malibu. a 52-year-old female hiker fell 30 feet into a canyon. the l.a. county sheriff department rescue helicopter swooped in for the save. shortly afterwards, her injuries were described as serious but not life- threatening. >> from the looks of it, the pigs are in hot water but you can see the police officers taking them out of the back of a cruiser. there's no we we we we all the way home. and five pigs fell out of the back of a truck and they were loose on the highway in north carolina. they didn't cause accidents, but given in what conditions police officers had a hard time wrestling them back into the patrol car. one of the biggest pigs weighed 60 pounds. animal control now has them and they are looking for the rightful owners. we learned the 7 lucky coworkers who won the mega millions are coming forward today. and it could have been 8 lucky
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coworkers but one guy opted out. this time he didn't buy the ticket. he told his coworkers he wasn't feeling lucky that day and he didn't pitch in the dollar. they asked him if he was sure twice, and he turned them down. had he bought the ticket, he would have gotten $16 million. winning ticket was claimed monday. they will be introduced this morning. that's why you no matter if it's an office pool you don't want to be the only one working. >> you have the best solution. >> he has a kid and i would pay for the college tuition. >> i remember when i bought you that coffee? always comes back to that. >> when the ecomony wasfaltering, buying a new car was a gamble. you didn't know if you would have a job. >> one automaker says with the ecomony improving is getting rid of the popular program. plus, it's being dubbed as the interknelt so --ibility net
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so -- internet so fast you can down load a two-hour movie in minutes. we will let you know when good morning maryland returns who will be the test city.
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now "good morning maryland." 6:39 right now. if you buy a hyundai there's no turning back. the buy back offer end today. you may remember in 2009 they starteded the program that buys back vehicles from owners laid off within a year of purchase. they say 350 customers took part in the program. and it did boost sales. but the car company -- other companies tried theback buy back deals but nonas successful
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as had been tea. -- had been day. >> after an incred -- hyundai. >> after an incredible care -- careful evaluation kansas is the first city. congratulations. >> kansas is the city? the announcement was made in kansas city. google will provide brand broadband internet access withpeace of -- speeds of one gig per second 100 times faster than what most americans have. google says someone can unload a 2 hour feature film in less than 5 minutes. 1100 cities applied to be thetest city. fogel will start the service -- googel will start the service next year. she pave the way for many to make their way in politics. >> this morning, we say bye to a pioneer who made it possible for so many well -- women to get into national politics. >> don't worry if you are driving over a bridge.
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hey welcome back. good morning. time for your abc2 news to gop i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. >> yeah back in black. hey, justin. >> turn the lights onto show you what we have outsidech good morning. as -- outside. good morning. as we look outside, a little drizzle. contrast to what we had yesterday. good morning reisterstown, i will be there in a few hours. we have a lot to talk about. we have a huge crowd of 65 students participating in the wind for change competition. it will raise money for the cool kids campaign. that's the largest group. i will thrilled. can't wait to be there. let's talk about the weather there. 35. 100% humidity. mist and fog and drizzle. not like yesterday.
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look at mema headquarters. watch the field get covered up with snow. a quarter inch of snow in many places in northwest baltimore county and it was up towards carroll county. there's the snow. and westminster shows it. the roads are wet but we could get more snow tonight. more on that in a moment. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: we seem to be having more problems in anne arundel county. we are getting words of route 50 westbound at i-97, traffic stopped if you are heading northbound on 97 this morning. expect significant delays as you see traffic is backed up fairly good. so, again, allow yourself extra time. we have a disabled vehicle southbound on the bw parkway at route 175. also eastbound route 100 the ramp to get onto 97 continues to be blocked because of an earlier crash. megan, back to you. >> 6:45. she was 18 years old. the nursing student at coppin her life cut short by violence. now her mother is lashing out at city officials. abc2 news sherrie johnon is
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live with the mayor's re-- johnson is live with the mayor's reaction. >> reporter: yes, this morning we are hearing the anguish of a mother whose daughter was stabbed to death. and yes, she is lashing out at city officials to end senseless violence. on tuesday 18-year-old jhoma black well was found murdered in her home. she was a nursing student at coppin state. eye happened in a neighborhood getting a makeover with plans for a new wal-mart, and lowe's and smaller businesses. all of this while jhoma's parents are grieving and angry. her mother blames city leaders for the violence. and mayor stephanie rawlings- blake vows to continue to fight against persistent violence. >> it's ridiculous. the mayor has never done anything for the city. one mayor was a conartist. one sitting up in the seat like pharaoh or somebody. >> i can't diminish what she is feeling at all. i am committed to work with the police force and detectives to get to the bottom of what
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happened. >> reporter: so far police don't have a suspect in custody. reporting live from city hall, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thank you. teens at fed ribbing -- frederick high school were on edge after a student brought a gun to class e brought loaded 22 -- he brought the loaded 22 caliber handgun to campus on tuesday. police say it started over a relationship that went wrong. fearing retaliation for the fight, police say the student brought the gun for protection on his walk home. the student made the first court appearance wednesday and a judge ruled he will stay in the juvenile detention center for three weeks at least. 6:47. she put 600 miles a week on her car driving all over the styte. it's grueling -- state and it's a grueling job. after 20 years on the job, dr. nancy grass make is calling it -- grasmick is calling it quits. she is the longest -- the
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nation's longest serving school superintendent. maryland school system earned a top ranking for three years in a row. the last day is june 30th. no word on a replacement. we are -- placement. we are a step closer to pay more for our drinksch the measure is being specced to provide 12 nillion dollars in education funding and 9 million to pg county. critics say it's not fair to raise the tax across the entire state if it helps two counties. it goes before the house and may have -- they have until april 11th to pass it and then that's when the session ends. funeral services for geraldin ferraro will be held in manhattan. she was the first woman to run for the u.s. vice president on a major party ticket. the funeral is limited to family and friends only. she died saturday of blood cancer. she was 75 years old.
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her family asked in lieu of flowers donations be made to numerous charities. all new overnight, about two hours ago, nato officials took control of air operations over libya. we found out yesterday that teens team -- team of the cis are -- cia are operating in libya. military analysts say they are on the groundwork covertly with opposition forces. rebel fighters are outnumbered and they say that they are pushed back by qaddafi loyalists. a study of the bridges shows the ones in our state are better than most. that's according to the transportation for america. they have a lower percentage of structurally deficient bridges than all. but 11 other states more than 69,000 bridges across the u.s. needs rnlg nt repairs.
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-- urgent repairs. pennsylvania and oklahoma has the biggest numbers of deteriorating bridges. new york avenue, the street that never sleeps which you take to get to work in the morning in dc is going to shrink a little bit from 6 lanes to four beginning april 25th. it will happen between penn street northeast and florida avenue northeast. they want to repair the new york avenue bridge. the delays could cost you half an hour and this is going to be for two years. 87,000 vehicles used there on a daily basis. if you want a tour of the inner harbor in baltimore, you have another high speed option. a second boat is being added to the sea dog five dock down down. -- downtown. that means more high speed tourists and 20 new jobs. it can accommodate up to 102 passengers and travel up to 30 knots. the tours offer 60 minute sightseeing and touring leaving out past fort mchndry and preceding out to the key bridge
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and back. -- mchenry and preceding out to the key bridge and back. charley is doing a dances so excited about the baseball season kicking off. the yankees game is the first game played today. the first pitch will be at 1:05. braves and national play today at 1:05. and there's new rules dealing with player injuries. the new policies require mandatory baseline brain testing for all players. the reason is if they suffer a concussion, there is a frame of reference to help determine the extent of brain injury. the league created a 7-day disabled list for those who suffer head injuries so athletes can recover before returning to play. have you gotten tired of me talking about my tour? >> yes. >> i went out to royal park at camden yards and spent the afternoon there and had a great time. the orioles first game is on the road tomorrow in pam a bay. -- tampa bay.
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opener is monday against detroit. we will be there. if you want to hear about this, you can get there at noon but can't get to your seats before 2:30. earl weaver is going to throw out the first pitch. the current skipper and national anthem sank by richard troxel. and there's going to be a replica of the star-spangled banner over the hit are's wall. you will notice a new seats and food and drinksp orioles take the batting practice -- drinks. orioles take the batting practice and hang out where you can catch some of the home run balls. monday is with -- money -- mondays with larry is back what is this? an orioles guru made predictions for the mlb year. check this out. he does it every year. >> he does it every year. >> go to he is calling 7 bold predictions.
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harry, who -- larry, who knew? >> he is bold so look forward to that. a new look for autism awareness month. the building will be blue. the mayor will hold a news conference and the lighted ceremony takes place at 7:30. the goal to make the waterways cleaner. thousands of people this saturday will branch out across the region for a stream and shoreline cleanup project. last year, more than 3600 people turn out at 140 different sites. organizers say they collected about 118,000 pounds of trash throughout the chesapeake bay watershed. >> all right. so the new chick-fil-a in pasadena is opening and the first 100 in line will get a free year's supply of chick-fil- a. look at the pictures taken yesterday. i am not going to make it. fans stayed the night and when the store open at 6 this
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morning, they got the free one- year coupon. there you go. they open up in pasadena at jump are's hole. there's another shakeup at good morning america. juju chain is going to be a anchor for night line and her replacement is josh elliot. a part-time news reader for gma weekend and on sports center. he joins spencer as the newest face on "good morning, america" justin. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. into good morning. five minutes before -- good morning. five minutes before 7. you should ask megan if she is tired of seeing this snow? >> yes. >> i know you are. and some people love it. it happened yesterday. good thing it didn't happen in pasadena. but this is man chfter -- manchester. they are playing lacrosse and the fields gets coughed over --
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covered over with snow. once again, good morning, franklin middle school. i will be there in a couple hours and i can't wait to talk about what could happen tonight. 33 above freezing. 35 all roads wet and damp this morning. glen burnie 37 degrees. it's drizzle and light showers. rain moving through the jersey turnpike up towards new york. wet yankees stadium today. snow across interior new york and the next wave is going to bring in more snow more places. cool drizzle today, rain returns with the next wave this evening and tonight. 46 daytime and drop in the 30s overnight. place that is had snow yesterday, have a better chance of picking up a/y accumulation as it mixes back over tonight through tomorrow morning. most of it will be done when most of you wake up. we are watching part one out there. second part to the south rides us off the coast. redevelops snow and right now looks like the big winners poconos through new england could get a foot. for us a slushy few inches.
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roads wet. 48 in the afternoon. 50s over the weekend. opening day baseball 62 with some rain. kim. >> reporter: justin we have a serious accident coming from the annapolis area. this is affecting we69 bound -- westbound lanes of route 50 north bound on i-97. that ramp appears to be closed. i have been watching traffic stopped here for at least 10 to 15, possibly 20 minutes right now. if you are heading east -- westbound on route 50 straight on, the lanes remain open but northbound 97 is not happening at the moment. expect lengthy delays. the wed roads push the drive times up. 8 minutes from white marsh to the beltway. and looking at the maps, an accident in anne arundel county eastbound route 100 the ramp to i97 closed. now back to you. >> we have a lot ahead for "good morning maryland" at nine. circus freak takes on a new meaning. >> i am getting a request of what they want me to do. tightrope walk and you will put
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my head in a lion's mouth. a about. c2 -- 3!
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